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Ferrari F70 Hybrid Supercar – Enzo Successor Released

Wednesday, October 10th 2012. | Ferrari

Ferrari F70

Ferrari is preparing to reveal Enzo successor under the name Ferrari F70 Hybrid in January 2013. This hybrid supercar has been ascertained to become the strongest Ferrari car beat the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

The official Ferrari Magazine Number 18 hase revealed a few details on the future hybrid F70 engine.  In the image shows a big V12 engine and, of course, a lot of power lines that are part of the hybrid KERS system. There is no official engine that has been released, but rumor say that next F70 will combine a V12 engine with 900 horsepower engine and a 120 horsepower KERS system for a total output of more than 1000 horsepower. The engine will be mated with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

On the electrical side, Ferrari F70 Hybrid has a series of components working together for optimal efficiency. On the backside of the seven-speed trans, you have a high-power traction motor. This motor electrifies the seven-speed trans, adding to the power the engine delivers to it. Attached to the gasoline engine is an auxiliary generator that charges the batteries, as needed. Lastly, on top of the transmission is the hybrid power unit, which features two inverters and a smart cooling system. As for the battery, Samsung Electronics will supply lithium ion batteries for Ferrari F70.

F70 will be the first Ferrari hybrid supercar. Because of, the battery and electric motor will increase this supercar about 150 kg, Ferrari sought to remain light weight of the vehicle by using carbon fiber for the body and chassis.

“To save weight, we turn to the carbon fiber used in Formula One racing cars than the Resin Transfer Molding that normally used,” said Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa told Automotive News Europe.

With the use of the material, allowing Ferrari’s new car chassis 20 percent lighter than the Enzo chassis but have better stiffness.

According to USA Today, Ferrari F70 Hybrid Supercar will be revealed at 2013 Detroit Auto Show in January 2013.

Ferrari F70 Hybrid Supercar

Ferrari F70 Hybrid

2013 Ferrari F70

Ferrari Enzo Successor

Ferrari F70 2014

Ferrari F70 Picture

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