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2013 Ford Focus ST Preview

Monday, July 9th 2012. | Ford

Ford Focus ST 2013

Ford has officially released the new Focus car with tagline 2013 Ford Focus ST. Designed with high engine performance with sporty exterior design and hi-tech interior design.

2013 Ford Focus ST powered with modern 2.0-liter EcoBoost 4-Cylinder turbo engine which can produce maximum 252 horsepower and maximum 270 found-feet of torque. This power enough to boost this car from 0-100kmh in only 6.5 seconds and can reached 155 mph in the top speed.The engine will also supported with a six-speed manual transmission and another features like a low-inertia charger, variable valve timing, direct injection, the 2.0-liter four suffers virtually no turbo lag, tardy throttle response, or meager bottom-end torque.

The ST makes a visual statement thanks to unique eighteen-inch wheels, larger front air intakes, a center-mounted exhaust, a massive rear diffuser, flared rocker panels, and a mighty roof-mounted spoiler. Inside, we notice dressed-up pedals, a newly designed leather steering wheel and matching shift knob, auxiliary dashtop instruments (oil pressure, oil temperature and boost pressure), a near-black headliner, and a pair of Recaro seats. Mounted lower than in lesser models, the cloth- or hide-trimmed buckets are comfortable, supportive, and generously adjustable.

Despite a brigade of electronics, there is still a fair bit of steering fight involved when you push the car hard, especially in the wet. Torque Steer Compensation, Torque Vectoring Control, and Cornering Understeer Control, together with ESP, which can be deactivated in two steps, aim to synchronize the steering input and the torque flow without putting too many dents into your chosen line. This mission is accomplished as long as you’re not driving all out; push it hard, however, and the 252-hp 2013 Ford Focus ST┬ácan be a handful.

One change from the standard is the addition of variable-ratio sport steering. The rack-and-pinion device feels quite light at low speeds but firms up nicely as the mph readout rises. The calibration is so direct that you can keep your hands on the helm when racing through hairpins, where one armful of lock is all it takes to master a 180-degree corner. At the same time, the steering is relaxed enough at triple-digit speeds that a quick flick of the wheel won’t upset the car’s stability. But there are drawbacks. On rough pavement, the front suspension kicks and tugs like one remembers it from the old days, which means that going fast entails a fair amount of adjusting and correcting. It’s fun, but it ain’t smooth. The other complaint concerns an underlying artificiality that can on its own tighten or slacken the line, depending on radius, steering angle, and vehicle speed. The intent is laudable, but at the end of the day I felt that less electronic intervention would result in a more natural and intuitive driving experience.

When you switch off ESP, you also disable traction control, thereby clearing the stage for a good bit of lift-off oversteer. In this zero-interference mode, the ST can be a truly wild thing, sliding and carving, swinging like an angry pendulum from wide-eyed understeer to arms-crossed oversteer. To improve grip, Ford equipped the most ambitious Focus with special-compound Goodyear Eagle AS2 tires (235/40R-18), lowered the ride height by 10 mm, and fitted tauter springs and non-adjustable dampers together with redesigned knuckles and fatter anti-roll bars. Although the Brembo brakes used by many competitors are conspicuous by their absence in the Focus ST, the four discs (large inner-ventilated 12.6-inch rotors in the front) keep the 3000-pound Focus in check at all times.

2013 Ford Focus ST is a very high performance vehicle and the base price is starting from $24,495. 2013 Focus ST expected will be marketed at UK, US and Asia in September 2012.

2013 Ford Focus ST

2013 Ford Focus ST Side View

2013 Ford Focus ST Drive Test

2013 Ford Focus ST Speedometer

2013 Ford Focus ST Dashboard

2013 Ford Focus ST Interior

2013 Ford Focus ST Engine

2013 Ford Focus ST Trunk

2013 Ford Focus ST Rear View

2013 Ford Focus ST Pictures

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