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2012 Mercedes Brabus CL 800 Coupe

Saturday, March 31st 2012. | Mercedes-Benz

Brabus Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Brabus CL 800 Coupe is the origin of new creation Mercedes Brabus CL 800 Coupe. Mercedes Brabus CL is a fast and most powerfull coupe with coupe is 800. Mercedes-Benz Brabus 800 is the two-door car’s, it’s make the car look so different than other car. Features are so interesting and elegant,close to sporty-elegant design and it’s interior design is high class design. The design is so elegant with improve the dynamic of driving is the prominent of Monoblock wheels in BRABUS.

Eksterior design of Mercedes Brabus CL was very luxurious with metallic white paint almost similar to the diamond. The Mercedes Brabus interior decorated with a combination of the colors leather, with contrast stitching and patterned diamond. Carbon fiber in the cockpit adds a sporty touch. Designed with a matte surface of the picture boxes and flag boxes are also an ergonomic steering wheel is one of the BRABUS interior refinement.

Mercedes Brabus engine performance can take 100km/hours only in 3,9 second. Tuner specialist Mercedes Brabus CL, Brabus introduced the 800 Coupe. Vehicle taken from the base Mercedes-Benz CL 600 is claimed as the world’s fastest and luxurious coupe with 5.5 liter V12 engine capable of generating power up to 788 hp and a torque of 1420 Nm. For extracting power from the engine to maximum, as usual, Brabus extend and enlarge its diameter measures and revises the turbo and twin-camshaft engine to offset the increased demand will air supply.

The brutal engine power and 5-speed automatic transmission is deliberately limited in order not to exceed the speed of 350 km/h, passing the recipe that developed by Brabus, the vehicle is enable to racing from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.Through its performance, makes the Mercedes Brabus CL 800 claimed by its creator as a 4-seater coupe fastest in the world. And as a consequence, of course, this vehicle also requires serious attention to aerodynamic factors. See more picture of 2012 Mercedes Brabus CL 800 Coupe below.

Mercedes Benz Brabus

Brabus Mercedes Benz 2012

Brabus Mercedes Benz CL

Brabus Mercedes Interior

Brabus Mercedes Engine

Brabus Mercedes Seat Coupe

Brabus Mercedes Benz 800

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