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2012 Marussia GT B2

Thursday, May 24th 2012. | Other Manufacturers

2012 Marussia B2 Pictures

2012 Marussia GT B2 is the best-selling Russian supercar that proved by sold out all the production units of this vehicle. Although looks similar with Ferrari Enzo on the front and Lamborghini Reventon at the rear but didn’t make this Russian car sales decreased even sold out.

In the term of performance, Marussia GT B2 is available in several configurations, all of which are powered with a Cosworth-sourced 3.5-liter V6 engine. B2 produced 300 horsepower, 320 horsepower and highest tune is rated at 420 horsepower. With the 420 horsepower and supported by overall car weight just 2,425 pounds, Marussia GT B2 only takes 3.2 seconds to begin the adventure from 0-60 mph.

2012 Marussia GT B2 sold at prices starting  from  100,000 euros ($130,460). With 500 unit sold, Marussia obtain over $65 million net revenue.  Marussia and Valmet (the firm producing the B2) have decided to shift production from Marussia’s headquarters in Moscow to Valmet in Finland, which also produces the Fisker Karma.

With the 2012 Marussia GT B2 having received such a warm reception, it’s likely that Marussia is currently developing its successor, possibly named the Marussia B3.

2012 Marussia B2

2012 Marussia GT B2

Marussia GT B2 2011 Front View

Marussia GT B2 2012 Front

Picture Of Marussia GT B2 2011

Russian Supercar Marussia GT B2

Marussia GT B2 2012 Interior

Marussia GT B2 Interior

Marussia GT B2 2012 Rear

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