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2012 Smart forstars Concept

Monday, November 12th 2012. | Smart

2012 Smart forstars Concept

2012 Smart for stars Concept puts up a great display for those SMART car lovers on the Paris Auto Show. They put up their best wheel on the display to attract the attention of the comer on the show. They have made the newest 2012 Smart For stars concept for you who would want to have a sport car with a small size. All of you would love to have one of these wheels once you see this interesting car. 2012 Smart ForStars concept car is being shown to make the attendance see how the car is.

They made up such an interesting and unique car by putting the alubeam rouge color that creates an appealing contrast to the matt metallic titanium color of the tridion safety cell. And thanks to the 60 kW magneto-electric motor from the new Brabus smart electric drive, the zero-emission smart forstars is agile and lively. The sporty model would make you love this car even more. This car is longer than the previous one, the ForTwo that has been released before this car. So it would be best for you who would want to travel along with your partner. This 2012 Smart ForStars concept is small, but wide. Perfect for you to ride on without having to make your leg tired because they would have the wider space for your leg.

This car is designed especially for those who would want to have a sport car with a two seats on it. What’s interesting in this car is the interior that is very attracting. They have the white leather and a red interior which will catch everyone’s eyes once they see your car. They also have a video projector which you can control through your Smartphone.

The compact smart forstars Concept (length/width/height/wheelbase: 3550/1710/1505/3073 mm) is therefore not only a mobility concept with ample space for two people and a generous cargo area under the glass tailgate, it is also a communication concept that needs no more than a free house wall for a spontaneous cinematic experience. The media player of the projector integrated in the front bonnet is operated via Bluetooth® from an iPhone®. A high-quality sound system with additional loudspeakers in the ventilation openings behind the doors enables the drive-in cinema experience to be perfected for friends as well.

2012 Smart For stars Concept for You

If you are interested with this car, maybe you would want to have one of this two seat car to bring out your partner on the road. It’s not bad. Maybe you can try how it feels like to be inside of this car with the 2012 Smart for Stars concept.

Smart forstars Concept 2012

2014 Smart forstars Concept

2012 Smart forstars Concept Dashboard

2012 Smart forstars Concept Interior

2012 Smart forstars Concept Trunk

2012 Smart forstars Concept Photo

2012 Smart forstars Concept Rear

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